LOVE is a burning thrust of desire to want a confidential intimacy with a particular man or woman. Its thrust pierces the heart with a flaming arrow sensation, but rather than hurt it creates a soothing feeling that blinds your eyes from the other party’s anomalies. To love is to provide the best place in our heart for the ones we love and care for and to keep and protect that person from harm or an invader. However to keep on side of this obtuse game, you must know its do and don't

DOS  1. Always say I love you: It is the combustion fuels that propel the Spiritual & Physical whole system of a relationship.

[2]   Always try to be in a good mood with your lover –allow good energy to flow in the system of the affair, it will keep your lover coming back for more from you.

[3] Always have a quite strong imagination of a beautiful love life between you and your lover, and how it can extend to the altar of conjugal bliss, child birthing and living happily ever after, through your mind eyes long before it happens.

[4] Always exercise the best of behavior before your lover, be diplomatic, a terrible choice of word could kill the good feeling.

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