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Our wedding catering services is aimed at providing food for your guest at your Wedding event. We have two broad categories of services providers – African Food and Continental Food. Our Caterers offer services that range from buffet, sit-down, take-away and food-truck catering. This means you can pick the services that best suits your wedding plans and your budget.


From African Jollof rice to edikang ikon soup and pounded yam, we provide you with richness of African cuisines that you can choose for your wedding ceremony.

A. Buffet Catering

A buffet catering offers you and your guests an abundant portion of food during the wedding ceremony. In a buffet catering, guests serve themselves, providing them more freedom with the food choices. One thing that everyone loves is being able to choose exactly what you want and exactly how much. This option solves both of those dilemmas. This service is a guest favorite and the best part is that everyone can get something they like! We have furnished you with professionals you will deliver to your taste. 

B. Sit-down Catering: The elegant way to serve, and be served. Our sit-down catering style offers ease and relaxation to your wedding guests while the service team will bring the new meals to them and cart the empty plates away. What more could you want from your guests than to simply enjoy your hospitality on your very special day? Explore the rich services of our professional catering vendors. 

C. Take-Away Catering

Most wedding guests prefer to have their food served in packs that they can take away from the event. Take-Away catering is great because your guests can enjoy your hospitality from the comfort of your own home after your ceremony has ended. We have displayed a range of best catering services that will creatively pack your guests’ food and leave them with a beaming memory of your wedding event.

D. Food Truck Catering

Taking you away from the conventional wedding catering service to the unconventional. Are you planning to serve ice creams, outdoor barbecues and small chops? Our food truck catering service will come to your rescue. While they are usually found at outside your wedding venues pleasing hungry guests, this food service offers excellent catering options. Explore and discover different kinds of foods that can be offered by our professional food truck vendors.

CONTINENTAL FOODS: If your choice of food is western cuisine, then we have gotten you covered. Whether it be buffet or sit-down or take away or bento catering service you need, our professional food vendors will delight your wedding guest. 

i. Buffet Catering

ii. Sit-down Catering

iii. Take-Away Catering

iv. Food Truck Catering

v. Bento Catering: The Japanese signature single portion meal.  This meal comes in a convenient, packaged container that will have an appetizer, entree, and dessert. Mainly reserved for Asian cuisines, like sushi  or hibachi, this is a cool way to avoid mess and confusion. Aesthetically pleasing, convenience and easy clean-up are some of the great benefits of this choice.


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